SRA 2024

My SRA 2024 presentation was “Encouraging Youth Positive Development through a Storytelling for Social Change Curriculum” in the symposium Changemaking as an Adolescent Wellbeing Intervention: Lessons from 4 Pilot Programs.

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Gonzalez, M., Kokozos, M., McKee, K., & Byrd, C. (2024) Storytelling through a Critical Positive Youth Development Framework: A mixed methods approach. Journal of Youth Development19.

Other Readings:

Gonzalez, M., Kokozos, M., Byrd, C.M., McKee, K.E. (2020). Critical Positive Youth Development: A framework for centering critical consciousness. Journal of Youth Development, 15. DOI: 10.5195/jyd.2020.859 (Full text)

Gonzalez, M., Kokozos, M., Nyota, N., & Byrd, C. (2023). Youth storytelling for social change: Guiding questions for effective and ethical delivery. The Journal of Extension, 61(3). DOI: 10.34068/joe.61.03.03 (Full text)

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