Ethnic-Racial Identity and STEM Identity Vulnerability

Ethnic-racial identity is how one thinks and feels about their ethnic-racial group membership. My early work showed that the relationship between ethnic-racial identity and academic outcomes is not consistently negative or positive—instead, features of the context, like neighborhoods (Byrd, 2009) or the school racial climate could shape the link between identity and outcomes (Byrd & Chavous, 2011; 2012). That is, adolescents and young adults need to feel that their environments are supportive of their identity beliefs.

In a widely cited paper, I reviewed the measurement of ethnic-racial identity in children (Byrd, 2012). I also participated in a working group convened by Dr. Adriana Umaña-Taylor to develop a lifespan model of ethnic-racial identity (Williams et al., 2020).

My most recent grant-funded project is collaborative research with collaborators Angela White and Tanya Malloy at North Carolina A&T State University and Johnson C. Smith University that explores how Black college students integrate their ethnic-racial and STEM identities to be successful in STEM fields. We have built a conceptual model of STEM identity vulnerability and identified the environmental and experiential factors that contribute to it. I developed a measure of STEM identity vulnerability that we are currently piloting. Future work will validate the measure and test our conceptual model with Black students at HBCUs and PWIs.

News, Publications, and Presentations

STEM Identity Vulnerability

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Ethnic-Racial Identity

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