Teaching about Diversity

I am interested in students’ experiences in curricular/co-curricular diversity experiences. These are structured and programmatic efforts to help students engage with diversity, including ethnic studies and women’s studies courses, racial/cultural awareness workshops and events, identity-based student organizations, cultural centers, living-learning communities, and service-learning programs.

We are developing a framework based on theories of self-regulated learning that explains why college and graduate students are motivated to engage in these activities and what individual and contextual factors promote their sustained engagement even when the material is challenging. Our goal is to identify practices that instructors and social justice educators can use to maximize student learning and growth.

For more information, please see https://tide.wordpress.ncsu.edu.

Publications and Presentations

Byrd, C.M. (under review). Cycles of Development in Learning about Identities, Diversity, and Equity. Manuscript under review. (PDF)

Byrd, C.M. (2020). Teaching about Identities, Diversity, and Equity. Poster presented at NC State Teaching and Learning Symposium (PDF)

Byrd, C.M., Rastogi, R., & Elliot, E.R. (in press). Engagement with diversity experiences: A self-regulated learning perspective. In L. Parson & C. C. Ozaki (Eds), Teaching and Learning for Social Justice and Equity in Higher Education: Volume 1. Palgrave Macmillan.(Accepted text)

Byrd, C.M. (August, 2018). School Racial Socialization and Diversity in STEM. Paper presented at the UC Adolescence Science Consortium Summer Institute.